April 15th Newsletter

Miss USA Organization State Titleholders’ Portal

We have created a State Miss Titleholders’ Portal. We are still updating the data in this portal, but we wanted to provide you with access to the portal.

To Login to the State Miss Titleholders’ Portal:

  1. Go to missusa.com
  3. Enter Password: classof2022
  4. Select “Enter.”

Please do not share the password with anyone.


Format for Naming Files to Upload to the State Titleholders’ Portal

Just a reminder when submitting files in the Miss USA Contestant portal, it would be so helpful if you use the following naming convention format for your files when uploading to the portal:

STATE.First Name.Last Name.FileName

For Example:


Submitting the files using the above naming conventions reduces the amount of reformatting we must do when we receive the files.


MISS Academy Sponsorship for all 2022 State Titleholders

What: The MISS Academy is sponsoring optional complimentary group training for all 2022 Miss USA State Titleholders and all 2022 Miss Teen USA State Titleholders. Titleholders may select either Session #1 or Session #2. This group training is optional for state titleholders. We will depend on each state director to communicate this training option to each of your state titleholders.

Courses: Walking, Interview, Makeup, Hair, Social Media Etiquette, and Nutrition & Fitness

Times: Sundays, 1:00 p.m. to 4:15 PM Central Time


Session #1 Training Dates (2022): April 24, May 1, May 8, May 15, May 22, May 29

Session #2 Training Dates (2022): June 5, June 12, June 19, (Skipping Sunday, June 26 because it is the weekend of our Miss USA State “Miss” Titleholders’ Retreat), July 3, July 10, and July 17

Private Training: There are options to sign up for additional private training. If you are interested in private training, please email hello@missacademy.com to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Where to Sign Up: Send an email to hello@missacademy.com with your Name, State Title, and your selection of either Session #1 or Session #2.

Please Note: This exclusive complimentary group training is being offered to all 102 of our 2022 Miss and Teen State Titleholders. If you are interested in participating in this MISS Academy sponsored training, please coordinate and confirm with your State Directors before signing up for a training session.


The Miss USA Organization Congratulates our 2022 Miss USA State Titleholders

2022 Miss USA State Titleholders
Title Name
Miss Alabama USA 2022 Katelyn Vinson
Miss Alaska USA 2022 Courtney Schuman
Miss Arizona USA 2022
Miss Arkansas USA 2022 Rylie Wagner
Miss California USA 2022
Miss Colorado USA 2022
Miss Connecticut USA 2022
Miss Delaware USA 2022
Miss District of Columbia USA 2022
Miss Florida USA 2022
Miss Georgia USA 2022 Holly Haynes
Miss Hawaii USA 2022 Kiana Yamat
Miss Idaho USA 2022 Jordana Dahmen
Miss Illinois USA 2022
Miss Indiana USA 2022 Samantha Toney
Miss Iowa USA 2022
Miss Kansas USA 2022
Miss Kentucky USA 2022 Lizzy Neutz
Miss Louisiana USA 2022 KT Scannell
Miss Maine USA 2022 Elizabeth Kervin
Miss Maryland USA 2022
Miss Massachusetts USA 2022 Skarlet Ramirez
Miss Michigan USA 2022
Miss Minnesota USA 2022
Miss Mississippi USA 2022 Hailey White
Miss Missouri USA 2022
Miss Montana USA 2022 Heather Lee O’Keefe
Miss Nebraska USA 2022 Natalie Pieper
Miss Nevada USA 2022
Miss New Hampshire USA 2022
Miss New Jersey USA 2022 Alexandra Lakhman
Miss New Mexico USA 2022
Miss New York USA 2022
Miss North Carolina USA 2022 Morgan Romano
Miss North Dakota USA 2022
Miss Ohio USA 2022
Miss Oklahoma USA 2022 Ashley Ehrhart
Miss Oregon USA 2022 Arielle Freytag
Miss Pennsylvania USA 2022
Miss Rhode Island USA 2022
Miss South Carolina USA 2022 Meera Bhonslé
Miss South Dakota USA 2022 Shania Knutson
Miss Tennessee USA 2022 Emily Suttle
Miss Texas USA 2022
Miss Utah USA 2022
Miss Vermont USA 2022 Kelsey Golonka
Miss Virginia USA 2022
Miss Washington USA 2022 Mazzy Eckel
Miss West Virginia USA 2022
Miss Wisconsin USA 2022
Miss Wyoming USA 2022


The Miss USA Organization Congratulates our 2022 Miss USA State Teen Titleholders

2022 Miss Teen USA State Titleholders
Title Name
Miss Alabama Teen USA 2022 AnnaLee Story
Miss Alaska Teen USA 2022 Madison Hines
Miss Arizona Teen USA 2022
Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2022 Allie Shanks
Miss California Teen USA 2022
Miss Colorado Teen USA 2022
Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2022
Miss Delaware Teen USA 2022
Miss District of Columbia Teen USA 2022
Miss Florida Teen USA 2022
Miss Georgia Teen USA 2022 Courtney Ianna Smith
Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2022 Malulani Paiste
Miss Idaho Teen USA 2022 Jenna Beckstrom
Miss Illinois Teen USA 2022
Miss Indiana Teen USA 2022  KK Kokonaing
Miss Iowa Teen USA 2022
Miss Kansas Teen USA 2022
Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2022 Gabriella Hembree
Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2022 Ainsley Ross
Miss Maine Teen USA 2022 Madisson Higgins
Miss Maryland Teen USA 2022
Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2022 Jillian Driscoll
Miss Michigan Teen USA 2022
Miss Minnesota Teen USA 2022
Miss Mississippi Teen USA 2022 McKenzie Cole
Miss Missouri Teen USA 2022
Miss Montana Teen USA 2022 Julia Kunau
Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2022 Faron Medhi
Miss Nevada Teen USA 2022
Miss New Hampshire Teen USA 2022
Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2022 Isabella Galan
Miss New Mexico Teen USA 2022
Miss New York Teen USA 2022
Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2022 Gabby Ortega
Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2022
Miss Ohio Teen USA 2022
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2022 Haleigh Hurst
Miss Oregon Teen USA 2022 Alaina McClanen-Clemons
Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 2022
Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2022
Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2022 Katie Ward
Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2022 Bella Welker
Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2022 McKinley Farese
Miss Texas Teen USA 2022
Miss Utah Teen USA 2022
Miss Vermont Teen USA 2022 Kenzie Golonka
Miss Virginia Teen USA 2022
Miss Washington Teen USA 2022 Kate Dixon
Miss West Virginia Teen USA 2022
Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2022
Miss Wyoming Teen USA 2022


2022 Miss USA State Titleholders’ Retreat

We are thrilled to announce that for the second consecutive year,  all of our 2022 Miss USA State “Miss” Titleholders will be going on a 4-Day all-expense paid retreat to our favorite and most fabulous resort and spa in Cancun, Mexico, NIZUC. This retreat is sponsored by the Miss USA Organization and NIZUC. This is one of the most exclusive and gorgeous resorts in Cancun with beautiful beaches, pools, and scenery… our 2021 titleholders loved their time at the resort in September 2021 and have so many fond memories.

This resort and spa offers subdued extravagance, an unsurpassed level of service, and is the ultimate place to take in the sun, sand, sea, and tranquility of one of the world’s most coveted destinations. This resort has two exclusive beaches, a lavish spa, six gourmet restaurants, deluxe conference and events center, and sumptuous accommodations.

The planned travel dates for this adventure are June 24 – June 27, 2022. Additional details about travel arrangements, activities, wardrobe requirements, etc. will be distributed as soon as we have them confirmed.

This trip is exclusive for 2022 Miss USA State “Miss” Titleholders, Miss USA chaperones, Team Miss USA, Miss USA 2021, and other invited guests of the Miss USA Organization. We understand everyone’s excitement about this adventure, but unfortunately no additional guests are allowed to join or participate in this extraordinary experience. This is #pageantryreimagined!

Evening Gowns at the National Miss USA Pageant

All State Miss Titleholders may wear the evening gown of their choice. There is no requirement to wear a specific designer’s gown for the 2022 competition.

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