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State Titleholders’ Zoom Meeting – September 13, 2022

Please join us for our last Zoom meeting with all 102 State Titleholders on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 840 2215 4265

Passcode: 651115


People’s Choice Voting

The People’s Choice Voting started in mid-August! This is how it works: friends and family can vote for you through our website and pay $2 per vote. They can vote as often as they would like! If they pay $100, you receive 50 votes. If they pay $2, you receive one vote. The Miss USA and Miss Teen USA State Titleholders with the most votes wins the People’s Choice Award! The Miss USA and Miss Teen USA People’s Choice winners automatically earn a spot as a semi-finalist in the Miss USA or Miss Teen USA competitions and are one step closer to the crowns.

We invite you to share the links below and encourage your family and friends to vote for you to help support your journey to the crown!!






2022 Miss USA Week Wardrobe/Outfit Needs

The Miss USA Organization will provide the following wardrobe items to our State Titleholders during Miss USA Week:

Miss Titleholders

  • One Miss USA T-Shirt
  • Opening Number Shoes
  • Opening Number Outfit
  • Opening Number Accessories
  • Competition Swimsuit
  • Competition Swimsuit Shoes

You will receive the above items when you check in for the week in Reno.

To reduce the number of expensive outfits needed for the week, you will primarily be wearing T-Shirts and bottoms for much of the week. Below are the number of outfits and types of wardrobe you will need:


Number of Outfits Needed for the Week (Miss)

Arrival Attire 1
Casual Attire 2
Cocktail Attire 2
Competition Evening Gown 1
Interview Competition Wardrobe 1
Miss USA T-Shirt, Black Bottoms *7
Miss USA T-Shirt, Black Leggings 1
State Costume 1
Trendy Attire 5
Also, please bring a stylish, professional outfit of your choice…any style or color. This would be an outfit you would wear to make a great “first impression.” 1
*Note: You may purchase additional T-Shirts by going to the Miss USA Website in the CONTESTANT SECTION and tabbing to the OFFICIAL T-SHIRT icon.



A Note About “Trendy” vs. “Casual” Wardrobe

“Trendy” to us means a little upscale, such as a jumpsuit, dress, or nice outfit. Trendy can be…but it does not need to be…a “cocktail” dress. We did not want anyone to think they must bring many cocktail dresses.



A Brief Overview of the Scoring During Miss USA Week

The Private Interview represents 1/3 of your preliminary scores. The other 2/3 is comprised of 1/3 Preliminary Fitness/Swimsuit and 1/3 Preliminary Evening Wear.

The Interview time length for each Titleholder is five minutes.

A panel of 5 judges will interview you. The same panel of 5 judges will interview the other 50 Miss USA State Titleholders.

Our instruction to our judges is to have a discussion with each Titleholder and ask questions that will help the judges get to know you as best as possible in those five minutes. Judges may ask you questions based on the information you submitted on your Judges Fact Sheet or about topics of interest that relate to young women in your age group and people living in the United States or around the world. We do not tell the judges what questions to ask because they will need to get to know you based on what they want to know about you.

At the end of your Interview, each judge will score you on a range from “1” to “10”, with “1” being the lowest score you can receive to “10” being the highest score you can receive.

Preliminary Judges will use that same range of scoring (“1” to “10”) for the Preliminary Fitness/Swimsuit and Preliminary Evening Wear competitions. The Titleholders with the combined highest scores from the Preliminary Interview, Fitness/Swimsuit, and Evening Gown competitions will become the Semi-Finalists on October 3rd. They will re-compete for the title of Miss USA 2022 on Monday, October 3, 2022.



Preliminary Competition Order

The competition order for the three phases of Preliminary Competition (Private Interview, Fitness/Swimsuit, and Evening Gown) is in place. Titleholders who sold three or more Ad Pages for the 2022 Miss USA or Miss Teen USA Program Magazine had the option of selecting their placement in the line-up. Some State Titleholders chose to compete in a different position than in their alphabetical order by state, and several decided to remain in their state alphabetical position order.

Preliminary Competition Schedule:


  • Onstage Fitness (Swimsuit) and Evening Gown: Friday, September 30, 2022, beginning at 9:00 p.m.
  • Private Interviews (Groups A, B, and Miss Washington USA): Saturday, October 1, 2022, beginning at 9:45 a.m.
  • Private Interviews (Groups C, D, E, and Miss Florida USA): Saturday, October 1, 2022, resuming at 1:00 p.m., following the Judges’ lunch break.

Below is the order in which each State Titleholder will appear in the 5-minute Private Interview, Preliminary Fitness/Swimsuit, and Preliminary Evening Gown competition.

Miss State Titleholders

Group Contestant Order Contestant Title Contestant Name
A 1 Miss Alabama USA 2022 Katelyn Vinson
A 2 Miss Alaska USA 2022 Courtney Schuman
A 3 Miss Arizona USA 2022 Isabel Ticlo
E 4 Miss Washington USA 2022 Mazzy Eckel
A 5 Miss Arkansas USA 2022 Rylie Wagner
A 6 Miss California USA 2022 Tiffany Johnson
A 7 Miss Colorado USA 2022 Alexis Glover
A 8 Miss Connecticut USA 2022 Cynthia Dias
A 9 Miss Delaware USA 2022 Grace Lange
A 10 Miss District of Columbia USA 2022 Faith Porter
B 11 Miss Georgia USA 2022 Holly Haynes
B 12 Miss Hawaii USA 2022 Kiana Yamat
B 13 Miss Idaho USA 2022 Jordana Dahmen
B 14 Miss Illinois USA 2022 Angel Reyes
B 15 Miss Indiana USA 2022 Samantha Toney
B 16 Miss Iowa USA 2022 Randi Estabrook
B 17 Miss Kansas USA 2022 Elyse Noe
B 18 Miss Kentucky USA 2022 Lizzy Neutz
B 19 Miss Louisiana USA 2022 KT Scannell
B 20 Miss Maine USA 2022 Elizabeth Kervin
C 21 Miss Maryland USA 2022 Caleigh Shade
C 22 Miss Massachusetts USA 2022 Skarlet Ramirez
C 23 Miss Michigan USA 2022 Aria Hutchinson
C 24 Miss Minnesota USA 2022 Madeline Helget
C 25 Miss Mississippi USA 2022 Hailey White
A 26 Miss Florida USA 2022 Taylor Fulford
C 27 Miss Missouri USA 2022 Mikala McGhee
C 28 Miss Montana USA 2022 Heather Lee O’Keefe
C 29 Miss Nebraska USA 2022 Natalie Pieper
C 30 Miss Nevada USA 2022 Summer Keffeler
C 31 Miss New Hampshire USA 2022 Camila Sacco
D 32 Miss New Jersey USA 2022 Alexandra Lakhman
D 33 Miss New Mexico USA 2022 Suzanne Perez
D 34 Miss New York USA 2022 Heather Nunez
D 35 Miss North Carolina USA 2022 Morgan Romano
D 36 Miss North Dakota USA 2022 SaNoah LaRocque
D 37 Miss Ohio USA 2022 Sir’Quora Carroll
D 38 Miss Oklahoma USA 2022 Ashley Ehrhart
D 39 Miss Oregon USA 2022 Arielle Freytag
D 40 Miss Pennsylvania USA 2022 Billie LaRaé Owens
D 41 Miss Rhode Island USA 2022 Elaine Collado
E 42 Miss South Carolina USA 2022 Meera Bhonslé
E 43 Miss South Dakota USA 2022 Shania Knutson
E 44 Miss Tennessee USA 2022 Emily Suttle
E 45 Miss Texas USA 2022 R’Bonney Gabriel
E 46 Miss Utah USA 2022 Elisabeth Bradley
E 47 Miss Vermont USA 2022 Kelsey Golonka
E 48 Miss Virginia USA 2022 Kailee Horvath
E 49 Miss West Virginia USA 2022 Krystian Leonard
E 50 Miss Wisconsin USA 2022 Hollis Brown
E 51 Miss Wyoming USA 2022 Morgan McNally



2022 Program Magazine Ad Sales

Thank all of you who were able to sell at least one Ad Page for the 2022 Program Magazines. Thank you for supporting the Miss USA Organization and for being able to display your support for program magazine recipients and the judges. Your effort is greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to Isabel Ticlo, Miss Arizona USA 2022, for selling eight Ad Pages. Thank you so much! We know how much work it takes to sell one ad page, so we are so thankful for your effort to sell eight pages! You not only receive an Official Miss USA TikTok Commercial, a Miss USA Social Media Takeover, and the ability to select what contestant number you are in the line-up of the 51 State Titleholders for the Private Interview and Preliminary On-Stage Competition, but you also have chosen to have your own room during Miss USA Week.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts, but an honorable mention goes to Cynthia Dias – Miss Connecticut USA 2022, Mazzy Eckel – Miss Washington USA 2022, and R’Bonney Gabriel – Miss Texas USA 2022, for each selling four Ad Pages.

We also commend McKenzie Cole, Miss Mississippi Teen USA 2022, for selling three Ad Pages. We appreciate the work you put in to sell those three. For selling the most Ad Pages for the 2022 Miss Teen USA Program Magazine, you receive your own room during Miss Teen USA Week, an Official Miss Teen USA TikTok Commercial, a Miss USA/Miss Teen USA Social Media Takeover, and the ability to select your contestant number in the line-up of the 51 State Titleholders for the Private Interview and Preliminary On-Stage Competition,

Again, we appreciate all of you who put in the effort to sell and least one Ad Page. Thanks again.


2022 Contestant Photo and Video Package

This year, we have added a special offering to our contestant options as you can now purchase a compilation of various photos and videos from the competition nights, each featuring you individually! Contestants will be able to see yourself in every segment, from the best angles in HD and the footage is yours to do as you please! Also, for the first time ever in Miss USA history, we are offering video footage of your full Judges’ Interview segment of the competition – this is included in this personalized package. To learn more, click the link below:

MISS Contestant Photo And Video Package


Remember to Record Your Travel Plans to Reno

To accumulate each titleholder’s flight information, we have added a flight information form to the Miss and Teen Contestants’ Portal. To ensure we know each titleholder’s travel information, please follow the instructions below:

For 2022 Miss USA State Titleholders, go to:

  1. Go to com
  3. Enter Password: classof2022
  5. Click on “LEARN MORE”
  6. Enter the applicable information
  7. Click on “SUBMIT”



Color and Black & White Copies of Miss USA State Titleholder Headshots

All Miss USA State Titleholders and the State Directors should have received links to your color and black & white headshots to share on your social media.

We will keep the links to these high-resolution headshots active until September 20, 2022. Please feel free to download these as soon as possible.

If you did not receive the link to your headshot, please contact Michael Hannah at


Shipping Fees at Grand Sierra Resort (GSR) During Miss USA/Miss Teen USA Week

GSR will be charging a resort shipping surcharge for all shipments they receive. You are responsible for these fees, so if you are s

hipping anything to the GSR, please remember that GSR will charge your credit card on file the following fees based on the weight of the package:

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