July 1st Newsletter

Rescheduled MISS Academy Class from June 19, 2022 to July 31, 2022

Father’s Day was Sunday, June 19th, and since dads play a pivotal part in the pageant journey for many of our titleholders, MISS Academy wanted to make sure that quality time with dads was not interrupted.

Therefore, MISS Academy cancelled the complimentary Sash Class sessions that were scheduled for June 19th, and rescheduled them to July 31st to make sure our titleholders did not miss out on pertinent information while spending time with their dads. Please see the revised schedule below with the remaining Sash Class sessions:


Sunday, June 19 RESCHEDULED to July 31st (Due to Father’s Day)

Sunday, July 3

Sunday, July 10

Sunday, July 17

Sunday, July 24

Sunday, July 31


If you have any questions please contact MISS Academy at hello@missacademy.coom or call them at 713-622-MISS.

Please find the zoom links for these sessions below:




Meeting ID: 820 0879 3682

Passcode: 758587




Meeting ID: 811 3690 3963

Passcode: 408998




Addendum B to the 2022 Miss and Teen National Entry Form/Contract was distributed to all 2022 State Titleholders on June 29th. All 2022 State titleholders must sign Addendum B since it is now an official part of the 2022 Miss USA/Miss Teen USA National Entry Form/Contract. The signed version must be returned to Michael Hannah at mhannah@missusa.com no later than July 12, 2022.

Item #1 of Addendum B relates to each titleholder’s understanding of the agreement between the Miss USA Organization and JOVANI and the $2,500 credit that JOVANI is offering to each 2022 Miss Teen USA State Titleholder.

Titleholders have no requirement to wear a JOVANI Evening Gown and may wear the gown/designer of their choice. Titleholders are not required to use the $2,500 JOVANI gown credit but may opt for one of the other $1,000 JOVANI prizes.

The Miss USA Organization’s legal advisors recommended adding the $2,500 Evening Gown credit as an Addendum to the 2022 Miss USA/Miss Teen USA National Entry Form/Contract. There is a legal liability (and now contractual) to pay back the $2,500 if a titleholder uses the $2,500 Evening Gown credit but chooses not to wear the gown for the Preliminary and Final competition. In addition, she now signs that she understands that if she uses the $2,500 credit and decides to not wear the gown for the Preliminary and Final competition, she may be disqualified.



Pola/SDI – Official 2022 Miss USA Organization National Sponsor

We are pleased to announce our continued partnership with Pola, a division of SDI, as a national sponsor of the 2022 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Pageants.

SDI Limited is primarily involved in the research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of specialist dental materials. SDI’s products are a combination of innovation and excellence to provide the ideal restorative materials for the dental profession.

All of SDI’s products are manufactured in Victoria, a state in the southeast region of Australia. SDI’s products are sold through distributors and retailers in over 100 countries throughout the world. SDI has offices and warehouses in Chicago; Cologne, Germany; and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2022 Miss USA State Miss and Teen Titleholders should begin receiving or have already begun receiving some Pola products at their homes. Titleholders are welcome and encouraged to post (positively) on social media about the Pola products they receive, but there are no requirements in our contract for our State Titleholders to post. There are limited social media posting requirements for whomever becomes our Miss USA 2022 and Miss Teen USA 2022.

We are thrilled with this partnership with Pola and hope that our State Titleholders will be just as thrilled and will help pave the way for years of future sponsorship with Pola.


Miss USA Organization Preliminary Pageant and Finals Pageant Scoring and Judging Criteria for the 2022 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Pageants

At the 2022 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Pageants, we will remind the judges to keep in mind that the pageant is ultimately a beauty pageant, so they should select the contestant that impressed them as one of the most beautiful. Not only should she be physically attractive, but she should also proudly possess unique qualities that make her internal persona beautiful. This winning combination should be translated clearly through the competition to resonate with the audience. Our new Miss USA and Miss Teen USA titleholders should be great speakers, beautiful, charismatic, relatable, and possess all of those qualities to fulfill their roles as the national representatives of the Miss USA Organization. We will ask the judges to keep an open mind and heart, and that exceptional, qualified, and beautiful young woman will make herself known.

Below is a more detailed description of how the Judges will be oriented to evaluate and judge our 2022 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA contestants for the Preliminary Competition, Semi-Finals Competition, and the Finals Competition at the National Level.



Private Interview

  • Private Interview Scoring Criteria
  • Overall “First Impression”
  • Overall “Last Impression”
  • Physically beautiful
  • Attractive and stylish in an age-appropriate manner
  • Fashionable for her age range
  • Effective communication skills including speech, vocabulary, and grammar
  • Confident, commanding presence and a charismatic personality
  • Self-assured and comfortable in front of people
  • Interesting conversation
  • Leadership and a sense of accomplishment
  • Ability to express and distinguish her beliefs
  • Ability to fulfill the role and responsibilities of the titleholder
  • Not excessively animated
  • Not a factor: Height, Race, Religion, Age within Eligibility, Perfect Wardrobe
  • Private Interview Scoring Considerations
  • A judge should assess:
  • How natural she is and whether or not she will be able to relate to her peers and the audiences she will need to serve.
  • Does she have a strong ability to communicate?
  • Is she physically beautiful?
  • Her personality, personal appearance, and attractiveness
  • If she answered the questions?
  • Whether or not she has the knowledge and commitment to her community that is needed in this role.
  • If they can envision the public and especially young people, being positively impacted by this young woman?
  • If the contestant is charismatic enough, dynamic enough, mature enough, and intelligent enough to fulfill the responsibilities of this role.



  • This phase of competition is designed to see how well the contestant maintains a lifestyle of good physical health and whether or not she has the sense of confidence and self-assurance needed to be the titleholder.
  • The contestant should show that she takes care of herself and participates in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • This phase of competition is a great indicator of confidence.
  • Swimsuit/Fitness Scoring Criteria
  • Overall “First Impression”
  • Overall “Last Impression”
  • Physically fit
  • Physically beautiful
  • Dynamic presence and attractiveness
  • Shows energy and healthy vitality
  • Sense of confidence and self-assurance
  • Swimsuit/Fitness Scoring Considerations
  • Is she physically beautiful?
  • Does her level of physical fitness meet the expectations of a titleholder?
  • Does she appear to be comfortable onstage?
  • Does she have an on-stage presence, energy, spirit, and charisma?
  • Does she meet the public’s expectation of a titleholder?


Evening Gown

  • This phase of competition is designed to assess the contestant’s beauty, poise, grace, and commanding stage presence.
  • When the contestant enters the stage, the judges should immediately assess the first impression she makes.
  • The contestant’s sense of confidence, personality, walk, posture, and carriage should be considered.
  • The contestant’s total look, grace, charm, and ability as a spokesperson should be considered.
  • Evening Gown Scoring Criteria
  • Overall “First Impression”
  • Overall “Last Impression”
  • Physically beautiful
  • Sense of confidence and composure
  • Poise, personality, and stage presence
  • Walk, carriage, posture, and beauty
  • Sense of style and age-appropriateness of the evening gown
  • Evening Gown Scoring Considerations
  • Does she take command of the stage simply by walking on to it?
  • Is she physically beautiful?
  • Does she display an on-stage sense of confidence?
  • Do her personality, beauty, and charisma carry “across the stage” with eloquence and make the audience pay attention to her?



Each of the judges will be asked to score each of the Semi-Finalists based on whether they feel she can perform the job and whether or not she should be Miss USA 2022 or Miss Teen USA 2022. All scores from the Preliminary Competition are dropped and all contestants start with “0” points at the beginning of the Semi-Finals Competition.



Each of the judges will be asked to rank the Finalists in the order each judge feels the Finalist should finish.



Cancun NIZUC Retreat

Checked Baggage Reimbursement Process For 2022 Miss USA State Titleholders’ Cancun Retreat

The Miss USA Organization agreed to reimburse each of our 2022 Miss USA State Titleholders for the cost of one piece of checked baggage each way to and from Cancun if their one checked bag was not already included in the price of their ticket. If they were traveling on Southwest Airlines, they were allowed to check two bags (up to 50 pounds each) for free.

The reimbursement instructions below were sent on June 28, 2022, to all 49 of our 2022 Miss USA State Titleholders who were with us in Cancun:

To receive the reimbursement:

  • Scan or take a photo of your receipt(s) for the baggage. A copy of their credit card statement is not acceptable as a receipt. The copy of the receipt needs to include the date and the amount paid.
  • Click on this link or paste it into their browser: https://missusa.com/contestant-schedule-click-in/
  • Select the “Reimbursement” button.
  • Upload the receipt or receipts.
  • Provide their state, name, bank name, bank account, account ABA Routing Number, account number, the account name on their bank account, their mailing address on their bank account, and any other required information. This will be the quickest method to receive their reimbursement. If they do not feel comfortable providing their banking information, then we asked them to please upload their receipts and provide the mailing address where the check should be mailed. It may take a month or so to process a reimbursement by check.
  • Press the “Submit” button.
  • All reimbursement requests need to be sent no later than July 12, 2022. That allows for 2 weeks after they return from Cancun to send the request. We will be unable to accommodate reimbursements for any requests received after July 12, 2022.



The following information about the FYI Network and the content that FYI is looking for from the “Miss” Titleholders is included in the July 1, 2022 Miss USA State Titleholders’ newsletter:


2022 Miss USA Pageant Broadcasting Network: FYI

MISS USA will be returning to FYI as the exclusive broadcasting network partner for the 2022 Miss USA Pageant.

We are so thrilled to partner again with FYI. FYI, through their national cable broadcast network and social and digital platforms, provides a wonderful opportunity for you all to share your interests, passions and causes, as well as promoting the Miss USA live broadcast with the FYI viewers.

We will ask you to create content that might be used by FYI. The content you generate is a great way to showcase who you are, what you stand for, and why certain topics are important to you. We encourage you all to take this partnership opportunity with FYI and demonstrate why you were chosen to represent your state.

A Zoom meeting with a FYI representative to discuss the process and content details is scheduled for Wednesday July 6, 2022, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time, so look for a meeting invitation soon.

The following topics are the general areas of the types of content FYI will be looking for you to create:




  • These pieces allow YOU the opportunity to showcase your interests, causes, and passions, showcasing your diverse skills and talents!
  • They should fall into one of the categories below (these categories align with FYI programming)
  • Home
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Auto/Cars
  • Outdoors
  • or any other topic in which you may be interested
  • Note: An example of “THE ENTHUSIAST IN YOU” is in the Contestant Section on the Miss USA Website.
  • These pieces allow YOU to showcase the things you love from TV shows, to food, from sports stars to your own personal heroes as well as showcase your personality.
  • Note: An example of “JUST FYI…” is on the Contestant Section in the Miss USA Website.
  • Promotional Spots
  • These pieces serve the sole purpose of promoting the Miss USA 2022 Pageant broadcast to encourage viewers to tune in.
  • Note: An example of a “Promotional Spot” is in the Contestant Section on the Miss USA Website.


How It Works

  • Uploading Footage
  • Each contestant will be sent 4 Personalized BOX links where she can upload:
  • FYI Talent Release Agreement
  • Footage for “THE ENTHUSIAST IN YOU” (“Short Form”)
  • Footage for “JUST FYI…” (“Short Form”)
  • Footage for “Promotional Spots” (“Promos and Bumpers”)
  • A Personalized Box Link will also be provided for contestants to view their completed short form videos.
  • Note: There is NOT a guarantee that all footage submitted will be edited into short form content and aired on the network.
  • There will be a “Downloading Cell Phone Recording Guide” on the Miss USA Website in the Contestant Section


Here are some additional technical tips from the FYI team:

  • Do NOT shoot footage (cell phone footage) vertically. Horizontal shots allow for the best edit. Outside of social posts vertical can be a challenge edit wise.
  • Using Ring Lights or special lights help for self-shot footage.
  • There is a 35 GB Limit for BOX uploads (if you have to upload several times for one piece, make sure the file naming reflects the order in which the content was shot).
  • Upload all footage to BOX only, it cannot be emailed or sent via Google Drive due to security risks.


Footage Submission Timeline

  • Talent Agreements and Footage MUST be submitted no later than August 1, 2022. When your footage is uploaded, please send an email to us, detailing what type of short form content footage was submitted. Please include what state you are representing in the subject line of email.
  • The Email contact for this is: SHORTFORMS@THEMISSBRAND.COM


Footage Naming Conventions

  • Please title your footage using the naming formats below and please be sure to separate your footage into smaller, separate files, instead of just one long video.
  • mp4 (Enthusiast in You Short Form)
  • mp4 (Just FYI Short Form)
  • mp4 (Promo/Bumpers)



The Miss USA Organization Congratulates our 2022 Miss USA State Titleholders


2022 Miss USA State Titleholders

Title Name
Miss Alabama USA 2022 Katelyn Vinson
Miss Alaska USA 2022 Courtney Schuman
Miss Arizona USA 2022 Isabel Ticlo
Miss Arkansas USA 2022 Rylie Wagner
Miss California USA 2022 Tiffany Johnson
Miss Colorado USA 2022 To Be Crowned 07/03/22
Miss Connecticut USA 2022  Cynthia Dias
Miss Delaware USA 2022  Grace Lange
Miss District of Columbia USA 2022 Faith Porter
Miss Florida USA 2022 Taylor Fulford
Miss Georgia USA 2022 Holly Haynes
Miss Hawaii USA 2022 Kiana Yamat
Miss Idaho USA 2022 Jordana Dahmen
Miss Illinois USA 2022 Angel Reyes
Miss Indiana USA 2022 Samantha Toney
Miss Iowa USA 2022 Randi Estabrook
Miss Kansas USA 2022 Elyse Noe
Miss Kentucky USA 2022 Lizzy Neutz
Miss Louisiana USA 2022 KT Scannell
Miss Maine USA 2022 Elizabeth Kervin
Miss Maryland USA 2022 Caleigh Shade
Miss Massachusetts USA 2022 Skarlet Ramirez
Miss Michigan USA 2022 Aria Hutchinson
Miss Minnesota USA 2022 Madeline Helget
Miss Mississippi USA 2022 Hailey White
Miss Missouri USA 2022 Mikala McGhee
Miss Montana USA 2022 Heather Lee O’Keefe
Miss Nebraska USA 2022 Natalie Pieper
Miss Nevada USA 2022 Summer Keffeler
Miss New Hampshire USA 2022 Camila Sacco
Miss New Jersey USA 2022 Alexandra Lakhman
Miss New Mexico USA 2022 Suzanne Perez
Miss New York USA 2022 Heather Nunez
Miss North Carolina USA 2022 Morgan Romano
Miss North Dakota USA 2022 SaNoah LaRocque
Miss Ohio USA 2022 Sir’Quora Carroll
Miss Oklahoma USA 2022 Ashley Ehrhart
Miss Oregon USA 2022 Arielle Freytag
Miss Pennsylvania USA 2022 Billie LaRaé Owens
Miss Rhode Island USA 2022 Elaine Collado
Miss South Carolina USA 2022 Meera Bhonslé
Miss South Dakota USA 2022 Shania Knutson
Miss Tennessee USA 2022 Emily Suttle
Miss Texas USA 2022 To Be Crowned 07/02/22
Miss Utah USA 2022 Elisabeth Bradley
Miss Vermont USA 2022 Kelsey Golonka
Miss Virginia USA 2022 Kailee Horvath
Miss Washington USA 2022 Mazzy Eckel
Miss West Virginia USA 2022 Krystian Leonard
Miss Wisconsin USA 2022 Hollis Brown
Miss Wyoming USA 2022 Morgan McNally



The Miss USA Organization Congratulates our 2022 Miss USA State Teen Titleholders


2022 Miss Teen USA State Titleholders

Title Name
Miss Alabama Teen USA 2022 AnnaLee Story
Miss Alaska Teen USA 2022 Madison Hines
Miss Arizona Teen USA 2022 Mayadenise Gaskin
Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2022 Allie Shanks
Miss California Teen USA 2022 Cassidy Hill
Miss Colorado Teen USA 2022 To Be Crowned 07/03/22
Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2022 Mya Xeller
Miss Delaware Teen USA 2022 Ava MacMurray
Miss District of Columbia Teen USA 2022 Asia Hickman
Miss Florida Teen USA 2022 Alyssa Khan
Miss Georgia Teen USA 2022 Courtney Ianna Smith
Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2022 Malulani Paiste
Miss Idaho Teen USA 2022 Jenna Beckstrom
Miss Illinois Teen USA 2022 Dawn Parks
Miss Indiana Teen USA 2022 KK Kokonaing
Miss Iowa Teen USA 2022 Marisa Mathson
Miss Kansas Teen USA 2022 Gracie Hendrickson
Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2022 Gabriella Hembree
Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2022 Ainsley Ross
Miss Maine Teen USA 2022 Madisson Higgins
Miss Maryland Teen USA 2022 Sonia Krishan
Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2022 Jillian Driscoll
Miss Michigan Teen USA 2022 Isabella Mosqueda
Miss Minnesota Teen USA 2022 Ava Ernst
Miss Mississippi Teen USA 2022 McKenzie Cole
Miss Missouri Teen USA 2022 Shae Smith
Miss Montana Teen USA 2022 Julia Kunau
Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2022 Faron Medhi
Miss Nevada Teen USA 2022 Janae McIntosh
Miss New Hampshire Teen USA 2022 Grace Paradise
Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2022 Isabella Galan
Miss New Mexico Teen USA 2022 Caroline Babcock
Miss New York Teen USA 2022 Mahdiya Chowdhury
Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2022 Gabby Ortega
Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2022 Berkley Lundeen
Miss Ohio Teen USA 2022 Kylan Darnell
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2022 Haleigh Hurst
Miss Oregon Teen USA 2022 Alaina McClanen-Clemons
Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 2022 Alexandra Jones
Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2022 Julia Potts
Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2022 Katie Ward
Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2022 Bella Welker
Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2022 McKinley Farese
Miss Texas Teen USA 2022 To Be Crowned 07/03/22
Miss Utah Teen USA 2022 Maizy Abbott
Miss Vermont Teen USA 2022 Kenzie Golonka
Miss Virginia Teen USA 2022 Hannah Grau
Miss Washington Teen USA 2022 Kate Dixon
Miss West Virginia Teen USA 2022 Emma Kitchen
Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2022 Sage Gundelly
Miss Wyoming Teen USA 2022 Nora Steinke




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