Hi there! So you’re interested in a MISS USA franchise? Great! Below you’ll find helpful information about us, the Miss USA Organization and what it takes to become an official Miss USA Franchisee. Should you then be interested, we invite you to fill out the application at the end of the page and look out for an email from us!

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Through the current leadership, Miss USA has become a one of a kind brand and unlike any other pageant system that exists globally. We are innovators in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry, paired with a long-standing reputable name, committed to elevating pageants even further.

The Miss USA brand is well-known by pageant fans and the average household across America and around the world, but we intend to shift that spotlight, from just being well-known, to being relevant. Our mission in reimagining pageantry is to catapult our competitions into the mainstream audience by showing people the confidence and power that pageantry can give to young women.

We’re here to empower a new era of entrepreneurs through creating job opportunities for them as Directors and more within the Miss USA Organization. We have created a way to help make your pageant a significant income-sustaining business and it is our hope that this will create further employment opportunities as a viable career for many aspiring pageant entrepreneurs.


The Miss USA pageant has been held annually since 1952 to select the contestant that will represent the United States at the Miss Universe® Pageant. The first Miss USA and Miss Universe® pageants were held concurrently in Long Beach, California in 1952 and the Miss USA pageant has been growing in audience and prestige every year.

Since then, Miss USA has gone on to produce stars in every sphere of society. On the Miss Universe® stage, eight of our winners have managed to capture the global crown throughout history. Many past Miss USA titleholders have also made stellar careers for themselves, as Hollywood actresses, TV Presenters, Reality Television stars, Philanthropists and other noteworthy contributions to society.


We prefer operators who will be actively involved in the day to day running of the pageant and invested in the lives and success of every young woman that enrolls as a contestant.

We award franchises based on qualifications including, but not limited to:

  1. Pageant experience as a Sponsor, Trainer, Former Contestant or Director
  2. Sound financial capability to execute a Miss USA standard production.
  3. Sales experience
  4. Reputation
  5. Drive and Organizational Capacity
  6. Compatibility with the concept 

MISS USA is specifically looking for entrepreneurs that are committed to exceptional service and take their influence on young women seriously. Our ideal candidates have experience with, connections to and a passion for pageants. We want you to share our standard of excellence while bringing your unique talents, passions, vision and creativity to your own pageant enterprise.

There is also a significant financial investment required to begin, however it is by no means unattainable.

The right team, combined with the right locale for your pageant will be sure to get you on the path to pageant success!

local and state SITE SELECTION

Determining the ideal location for your pageant is one of your first but most crucial hurdles to cross as it is a key factor to success. We recommend starting off by determining the existing pageant fan-base in your town or locale.

Whether you live in a small town with many pageant fanatics or you’re based in a heavily populated metropolitan city, once you determine the existing market, you can then come up with a plan to capture them. This is where the fun begins as you find unique ways to engage your potential audience and begin building your brand! Our Miss USA Franchising Board is committed to helping you along the way.


The way to attract winners to your pageant is through high production values and true pageantry glitz and glamour! We know the importance of and ways to create a pageant-night experience that will linger in your guests’ memories for years.

We will guide you through all the production elements needed for a successful top tier event and supply all the behind the scenes tricks that the audience will never know. Get ready to turn up the fabulous and have some fun too!

and support

MISS USA Franchise Board is committed to helping and teaching you how to operate your Pageant at its highest quality. We will provide comprehensive support in the following key areas of operation:

  • Providing a comprehensive Pageant Operations Manual
  • Support you with Franchise Branding Guidelines & Templates
  • Support with all tasks and paperwork through Director’s Portal on website
  • Provision of Titleholder crown and sash
  • Access to customized Miss USA products at a wholesale price
  • Ongoing training workshops and seminars
  • Supplying you with Official Miss USA Pageant Website template
  • Prestige of being associated with the The Miss USA brand

hit the
target market

Our target market starts at a local level then goes to the state level. We have our visionary sights set on pageant franchises in cities where young women are in search of self improvement services as well as community engagement opportunities. With this in mind, our core market comprises young women who are eager to participate in a program that will catapult their career and give them the confidence to pursue their aspirations with confidence.

We pride ourselves on having various franchise pageants across local and state municipalities and would love for you to be a part in this exciting venture in entrepreneurship.

start up

Now let’s talk business. While we’re all about the beauty and glamour of pageantry, we know that it’s still a business and the figures must add up! The cost of franchise fees will vary from locale to locale but we work hard on every application to ensure that your franchise fee is worth every penny and delivers superior bang for your buck. We are excited about the future of pageants and encourage you to get excited with us as we create history together!


How much can I make as a MISS USA franchisee?

Profits vary greatly based on various factors that are be unique to each Franchise. Once you’re on your way to setting up your Pageant, we can better calculate profit predictions.

How do I know if my state or locality is available?

Contact our Franchise Manager, Michael Hannah at, for the most up to date information on availability of state and local franchises.

Do I need experience in the pageant industry to qualify as a successful candidate?

Not specifically. Do you enjoy the glamour of pageantry, or maybe you have experience in live event production? We understand that the best franchisees can come from various backgrounds however, most important is your passion to make a difference in the lives of young women and your commitment to learn the process of a fabulous production. 

How much does it cost to become a MISS USA franchisee?

The cost differs from location to location, taking into consideration various factors which affect cost projections, however should you become a successful applicant, more detailed information will be made available to you.


As a Pageant Franchisee, you will be the heartbeat of an operation which impacts the lives of many young women and by extension, the people connected to them. We invite passionate, qualified and visionary applicants to submit your information here. Get ready to make your contribution to the betterment of the wider society by way of investing into the future of young women – that’s the Miss USA way!