MISS USA will be returning to FYI with FYI serving as the exclusive broadcasting network partner for the 2022 Miss USA pageant. 

Message from Crystle Stewart, President of Miss USA:

We are so thrilled to partner again with FYI, our network partner. FYI, through their national cable broadcast network and social and digital platforms, provides a wonderful opportunity for you all to share your interests, passions and cause, as well as promoting the Miss USA live broadcast with the FYI viewers.

The creative content you generate is a great way to showcase who you are, what you stand for and why certain things are important to you. I encourage you all to take this partnership opportunity with FYI and show just exactly why you were chosen to represent your state.


 ‘The Enthusiast in You’

‘Just FYI…’

Promotional Spots

‘The Enthusiast in You’

These pieces allow YOU an opportunity to showcase your interests, causes and passions, showcasing your diverse skills and talents! 

They should fall into one of the categories below (these categories align with FYI programming):

• Home
• Food
• Travel
• Auto/Cars
• Outdoors
• or any other topic you may be interested

‘Just FYI…’

These pieces allow YOU to showcase the things you love from TV shows, to food, from sports stars to your own personal heroes as well as showcase your personality.

Promotional Spots

These pieces serve the sole purpose of promoting the broadcast for viewers to tune in.

Here’s how it works

Uploading Footage

Each contestant will be sent 4 Personalized BOX links where you can upload:

FYI Talent Release Agreement
Footage For Just FYI Short Form
Footage For Enthusiast In You Short Form
Footage For Promo / Bumpers

*A Personalized Box Link will also be provided to contestants to find their completed short form videos.
Please note that there is NOT a guarantee that all footage submitted will be edited into short form content and aired on the network.


additional tech specs

Recording Footage

Please download and reference the following document that gives tips for cell phone shot footage as it provides apps that you can use for shooting using your mobile device.
Download Cell Phone Recording Guide Here

Here are some additional technical tips from the team at FYI:

  1. Do NOT shoot footage (cell phone footage) vertically. Horizontal shots allow for the best edit. Outside of social posts vertical can be a challenge edit wise.
  2. Ring Lights help for self-shot footage.
  3. There is a 35 GB Limit for BOX uploads (if you have to upload several times for one piece make sure naming reflects the order the content was shot in).
  4. Give Full Copy of Card if shooting on camera.
  5. Upload all footage to BOX only, it cannot be emailed or sent via Google Drive due to security risks.

Footage Submission Timeline


Talent Agreements and Footage MUST be submitted by August 1st, 2022.When your footage is uploaded, please send an email to us, detailing what type of short form content footage was submitted. Please include what state you are representing in the subject line of email.

The Email contact for this is:

Naming Footage

Please title your footage mirroring the naming formats below and please be sure to break down your footage into smaller, separate files, instead of just one long video.

MissNewYork_EIY_1.mp4 (Enthusiast in You Short Form)

MissNewYork_JFYI_1.mp4 (Just FYI Short Form)

MissNewYork_PrBu_1.mp4 (Promo/Bumpers)