Hello and welcome to Pageantry Reimagined®: a new era for the Miss USA Organization, as I, Crystle Stewart-Sebrechts have stepped into the role as the first ever National Director and President of the Miss USA Organization. Fortunately, I have gained experience from every realm of pageants; as a local competitor, state and national winner, international competitor, pageant coach, educator, and pageant director. Each of these experiences combined give me my passion for the world of pageantry and my convictions in what this powerful platform can do for women. Added to my passion, I’m excited to bring to the table my experience in TV and Film entertainment, my official certification in Etiquette Consulting by the International Etiquette & Protocol Academy of London and my studies in Consumer Science and Merchandising at the University of Houston. Each of these contribute to a wide array of resources which I know will help maximize my position as the National Director.

At the mention of pageants, what comes to mind for most people is a stereotypically slim woman, with big hair and superb polish, but this is not enough for the image of the future. Our mission in reimagining pageantry is to catapult our competitions into the mainstream audience by showing people the confidence and power that pageantry can give to young women. The Miss USA brand is well-known by pageant fans and the average household across America and around the world, but we intend to shift that spotlight, from just being well-known, to being relevant. My mission is for the nation to be able to see these young women open new doors, new opportunities, and new dreams they didn’t even consider possible before their pageant journey – as this is what pageants did for me!

We’re here to empower a new era of entrepreneurs through creating job opportunities for them as Directors and more within the Miss USA Organization. I have presented a way to help make your pageant a significant income-sustaining business and it is our hope that this will create further employment opportunities as a viable career for many aspiring pageant entrepreneurs. We envision a pageant ecosystem that can sustain men and women in business across the nation while also creating a platform for young women to find their interpretation of beauty and use their voice to share this with the world. We are a sisterhood in arms, a family of movers and shakers in beauty and business, poised to bring pageants to the everyday lives of everyday Americans – this is Pageantry Reimagined® by Miss USA.

Crystle Stewart
Miss USA Organization