This page is only for contestants who have your own design team and are supplying your completed ad designs! Simply follow the steps below to ensure that your designs are included in the 2022 Miss USA Program Magazine! 

  1. Download the Program Ad Page form using Adobe PDF Reader. If you do not have Adobe you may download it here for free…
  2. Once you download the form, type your answers on the document and save your design files with the corresponding file names. DO NOT HAND WRITE YOUR ANSWERS.
  3.  Save the PDF form with the following format: “STATE.FirstName.LastName.ProgramAdForm” For example: “ALABAMA.Sydney.Sweeney.ProgramAdForm”
  4. Then click ‘Submit Your Materials’. This button will direct you to a DropBox folder where you will be able to upload your completed Ad Page Form along with your corresponding Ad Designs. Pls make sure that all of your files are labeled correctly so we can then incorporate it into the Miss USA Program Magazine.